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10. How to share link status with Custom Link?

Custom Link is a very powerful feature which allows you to control how the link is appear on Facebook timeline.
Follow below steps to correctly setup link status with custom link

Steps to share link with custom link:
1. Open browser and login to Sociocaster
2. Open "Posts" page and click on "Share Link" tab
3. Insert the link to share in the Link form
4. Write description
5. Put tick on "Custom link"


6. Browse and select an image file for Link Preview
7. Insert Link Name
8. Insert Link Description
9. Insert Link Caption


10. Select social account to share the link status
11. If you want to post the status right at that time, click on "Post Now!" button
12. If you want to post the status later, then click on "Post Later!" button and select the date and time to schedule it
13. To see the post right from the Facebook page, click on "Link to Post" button on "Post Status" 


14. Below is the custom link that was successfully posted


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