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13. How to create a Content Box ?

First of all, What is a Content Box?
ContentBox is an online storage in Sociocaster where you can save any type (text, image, or link) of shareable content found from Discover feature (Keyword Search or Social Stream). The concept is very similar with a bookmarklet in an internet browser. Follow below step to create your Content Box and navigate inside it.

Steps to create Content Box:
1. Login to Sociocaster
2. Open "Content" page
3. Click on "Content Box" tab
4. Insert name
5. Click on "Create Contentbox" button
6. To open the detail, click on the three blue bars symbol


7. To edit content or description, click the content or the description themselves


8. To add content to Content Box, you can use Discover or Bookmarklet features in Sociocaster


 Last updated Sat, Dec 27 2014 10:48am

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